Sugarpill 'Kitten Parade', 'Frostine' and 'Darling' Eyeshadow and Chromalust

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A little while ago it struck me that I only owned ONE thing from Sugarpill - how scandalous! I've been following Shrinkle since the Livejournal days and absolutely loved her unapologetically bright, fun, bold makeup looks and dress sense. Her brand, Sugarpill, is not only equally unapologetically bold, but the quality is simply incredible.

I opted for two pressed 'shadows from the 'Sparkle Baby' collection, as well as a chromalust (loose 'shadow) from the original line-up of colours.

'Kitten Parade' is a stunning golden peachy pink, one of those Nars 'Orgasm' type of shades which everyone has been obsessed with at some point! I love the versatility of golden-pinks as they're ideal for everyday looks, evening looks, highlights (use a soft hand!), layered over black for something punchy or even as blush. 'Kitten Parade' is the glowiest golden pink I own, I mean - it is practically beaming. Blends like a dream, incredible just can't lose!

'Frostine' is a soft purple with what I can only describe as a subtle pink-purple glow. It's a strange finish to attempt to a pastel purple satin with a duochrome overlay. I think this would look incredible as an alternative to white or soft golds to highlight the inner corner of the eye. It blends beautifully and is surprisingly pigmented for such a pale shade!
Oh, 'Darling', how I have craved you since your release. At last, we have been united. I mean...*ahem* 'Darling' is a bright, bold, cheery teal-ish turquoise with turquoise sparkle which I just love. Turquoise is such a fantastic shade for those of us with brown eyes, I like a simple sweep of 'Darling' on the lower lashline paired with my usual black cat eye. Pigmented, blendable, just a corker of a shade!
I purchased these from Love Makeup, a UK supplier of Sugarpill, while they were on sale. Regular prices are as follows -
Pressed eyeshadow - £8.50 for 3.5g product
Chromalust - £8.95 for 5g product
All around a great (cruelty free, indie) company with amazing products. Give them a shot if you haven't already! Have you tried any of these? What's your fave Sugarpill shade? Any you're lusting after? Let me know! Comments up top!

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REVIEW: Dr. Shedu Keratin Collagen Dead Sea Salts Shampoo

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If you're in the market for a SLS and paraben free, PH balanced, cruelty free shampoo which nourishes your hair, leaving it strengthened and healthy - Dr. Shedu has the answer!

Dr. Shedu are a pretty young company, with their Keratin Collagen shampoo only having been released a few months ago. Enriched with minerals such as calcium. magnesium and sodium from  Dead Sea salts, plus keratin and collagen, this shampoo improves elasticity and 'repairs' little nicks and tears in the hair shaft making hair smoother, shinier and more manageable. I say 'repairs' as hair CAN NOT be repaired - just patched up - so no, a shampoo will not solve your split ends or ragged locks, but it can mask the issue until you get a cut.

Now although it's been called a shampoo, I'd probably say that in reality it is a cleansing mask - why? Because for the full effects of all those lovely dead sea minerals you need to leave it to soak into your hair for three minutes. I treated it as regular shampoo at first and kicked myself when I realised I'd been using it incorrectly!

I have now used Dr. Shedu's Keratin Collagen shampoo for roughly two months (maybe more, I only have a little left!) and overall my hair feels thicker and more resilient than usual. I didn't notice that it became shinier or smoother as to be honest that's not much of an issue for me anyway! My super sensitive scalp didn't have any kind of reaction, which was wonderful, I guess that's what you get when you take all the 'nasties' out of hair care!

I had to use quite a bit to get through my thick semi-afro hair, and personally didn't find it as moisturising as shampoos I usually use. This is probably best suited to those with normal - fine hair with light, day to day damage.

Available from Amazon at £8.99 for 200ml.

Have you tried Dr. Shedu's shampoo? Do you choose SLS free products? Let me know! Comments above!

* Product received for PR purposes. All opinion 100% my own and 100% honest, as always! *

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So...I'm Travelling South East Asia For 2 Months...

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Travel has always been one of those things I've wanted to do, but never actually imagined I'd be able to. I've scheduled this post for when I will (hopefully) be waiting for the first leg of my journey to begin, while I'm sat in a strange mixture of nerves and excitement either checking my tickets for the 10000th time or getting giddy about what lies ahead!

I'll be starting off in Thailand, making my way to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia - you know, the typical backpacker route! My 40l backpack is ready and waiting, stuffed with shorts and vests, malaria pills and enough DEET to ward off even giant mutant mosquitos from outer space (a legit thing, I'm sure...)
I have some posts scheduled, and may update while I'm out there, but I'm choosing not to worry about my slice of the Internet until I return at the start of June. If you want to see what I'm up to while I'm away, I recommend adding me on Instagram (where I'll probably be most active) or Twitter for plenty of photos and discoveries!
Thanks for sticking with me, I'll catch up when I'm back in ye olde England! 
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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lush 'Braziliant' Shampoo Bar and 'Jungle' Solid Conditioner

Solid shampoo and conditioner. It's a strange concept really, isn't it? After Lush released their six new shampoo bars, one really caught my eye - 'Braziliant' - and so I thought I'd try it once my regular shampoo ran out. I snapped up one of their older products, 'Jungle', a shot too as scent wise I knew they'd work together beautifully. 
FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lush 'Braziliant' Shampoo Bar and 'Jungle' Solid Conditioner Review

Brazilliant's bright, fresh orange shade and fruity fragrance make this a product with a feel good, Summery vibe. Braziliant is packed with organic fresh orange juice (apparently full of hair loving nutrients, who knew?!), andrioba oil (highly moisturising nut oil), sweet orange oil (Lush say it lifts the spirits - well, it does smell amazing) and ylang ylang oil (as well as smelling incredible, used by aromatherapists to help tackle depression and stress) to create a shampoo that should improve your mood as well as your hair!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lush 'Braziliant' Shampoo Bar and 'Jungle' Solid Conditioner Review

As well as all the good stuff, Braziliant's main ingredient is SLS, which is obviously an issue for many people. 'Braziliant' also contains five more ingredients for scent as well as colouring. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lush 'Braziliant' Shampoo Bar and 'Jungle' Solid Conditioner Review

'Jungle' is currently Lush's only solid conditioner and sounds like a real power house in writing! Jungle's main ingredient is the ever so nourishing cocoa butter - it then contains five ingredients to assist in its texture and general composition (including SLS, although mixed with cetearyl alcohol), soy lecithin, avocado, fig, ylang ylang, a few more oils for perfume and natural colourant. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lush 'Braziliant' Shampoo Bar and 'Jungle' Solid Conditioner Review

'Jungle' feels like a more solid version of coconut oil and requires you to really work it to deposit any product on your hands before smoothing it on the hair. I can see myself getting a bit bored of working with this one, but we'll soon see!
Brazilliant - £5.75 for 55g product 
Jungle - £3.50 for 55g product

Available online at Lush, and in Lush stores.

Have you tried either of these Lush products? Or solid shampoos/ conditioners in general? What do you think to them? Let me know! Comments above!
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Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas - 'Forgiven' and 'Tremor'

As usual, Makeup Revolution have taken it upon themselves to make a more affordable dupe or a pricey product - this time, duping Too Faced's 'Melted Lipsticks' with their 'Lip Lavas'. Essentially, these are like your regular lippies...but liquid and in a squeeze tube. I wondered if liquid lippies had any real point (besides mixing) when regular bullet lippies have been ideal for about 90 years? And so, I purchased a couple to test out...

Review Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas - 'Forgiven' and 'Tremor'

Lip Lavas come packaged like squeezy glosses, a tube with a felt applicator attached. The tubes are coloured to match(ish) the product itself, which is pretty handy if you buy a few of these! Simple, functional. I will say that when 'Forgiven' first arrived the applicator had become loose, however, I emailed and a new one quickly found its way to me with no fuss. Fast, no nonsense customer service!

Review Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas - 'Forgiven' and 'Tremor'

Above, I am wearing 'Forgiven' - a nudey yellow toned peach shade. I wouldn't straight up call it a nude, as it's too peachy (in my opinion) to really classify as one. If you're after a nude of a more natural or brown toned hue, 'Forgiven' aint the one. It is, however, a great shade for Spring and I imagine it would suit a wide range of skintones.

Review Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas - 'Forgiven' and 'Tremor'

This guy is 'Tremor', a bright, medium, slightly yellow toned pink which just about dips its toe ever so slightly into the coral side of the spectrum. When I swatched this I thought it would look awful on me, but I actually quite like it! It would definitely be a great Spring/ Summer shade and I can see many folk rockin' it with a tan.

Review Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas - 'Forgiven' and 'Tremor'

The formula is an odd one to describe...imagine melting a well pigmented, creamy lippy and that is basically it! I find them a tiny bit oily (nowhere near like OCC lip tars, though, and nowhere near as thin), so they do settle into lip lines a little but you can control this by applying just a thin layer - which is enough for decent coverage. I think they would be best worn over lipliners for full on colour with no risk of settling, but they can hold their own, too.

Wear wise, I'm impressed! For me, these last longer than traditional lipsticks and seem to wear down in layers, leaving an even hint of colour behind as opposed to a ring of lippy (attractive!)

Overall, lip lavas are well pigmented, last well, great for mixing shades and fab cheap dupes for the Too Faced equivalent. 

PRICE: £2.99
AVAILABILITY - Online and Superdrug stores.

Have you got any lip lavas? Take your fancy? Let me know! Comments above!
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Lush Cosmetics 'Big Blue' - Or, 'The Biggest Lush Bath Bomb Fail to Date'

When you combine the sea, bright blue, seaweed and a mention of mermaids what do you get? SOMETHING I WANT, THAT'S WHAT. So that's how I was sold on Lush 'Big Blue', a bath bomb full of vitamin and mineral rich kelp, lemon oil, sea salt and lavender - Lush described it as 'evoking a Summer's day at the seaside' and reviews described it as fit for a mermaid - oh, how far from the truth that really was...

Lush Cosmetics 'Big Blue' - Or, 'The Biggest Lush Bath Bomb Fail to Date'

Now, mine and Blue's friendship started well. The beautiful oceanic scent, the vibrant colour...but soon, it became evident we just weren't meant to be friends. Upon placing 'Big Blue' in the bath, I noticed how quickly it fizzed away to nothingness. I soon realised this was because at least 1/3 of the 'Big Blue' is just seaweed, not bomb.

Lush Cosmetics 'Big Blue' Review - Or, 'The Biggest Lush Bath Bomb Fail to Date'

A suspicious looking pile of scraggly black stuff lay waiting for me on the bottom of the tub - seaweed. 'It can't be as grim as it looks,' I thought, 'It's just seaweed...' After about five minutes the seaweed became slimy to the touch, turning the water equally slimy in the process. It felt revolting and reminded me of stagnant pond water - I had to get out!

After my five minute slime bath, I then spent a further five minutes swishing a sieve about the water to get the seaweed out, a further five wiping the tub down and rising it clean of slime trails and another five scrubbing seaweed out of the sieve. After all that fuss and effort cleaning up, I felt grubbier after a bath with 'Big Blue' than before! 

Lush Cosmetics 'Big Blue' Review - Or, 'The Biggest Lush Bath Bomb Fail to Date'
Among the major downsides however, there were a few perks. The scent is lovely and it made my skin feel very soft - however, so do plenty of bath bombs that don't leave me in need of a sieve and feeing like I've been sat in a dirty pond...

Overall, I can't recommend 'Big Blue' - it's more fitting for a swamp monster than a mermaid!

However, if you're still curious, you can get it online or in store priced at £3.35.

Have you tried 'Big Blue'? What's your fave Lush item? Had any Lush fails? Let me know! Comments up top!

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Bargain Falsies From...Primark!

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Falsies. They're hard to avoid these days. We see them everywhere - whether flicking through a magazine, watching the TV, scrolling through Instagram or just going out for drinks at the weekend. I'd say their popularity has grown over the last couple of years thanks to the '110% done up, Kim K' beauty everyone is trying to emanate. Whether you're getting glammed up or just messing about, cheapy falsies are always handy to have, and I recently discovered Primark stock some fantastic styles...

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

I picked up three - natural, define and sultry (I think there was a fourth fuller style) for just £1 each. Yup - £1 - winner! 

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Natural have a mix of long and short strands, which breaks up the lash edge to give a more...well...natural finish. Their flared shape will help to elongate the eye and make it appear wider. These do have a black band, so I'd recommend applying over dark eyeliner to conceal it a little.

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Define are quite glam, definitely best suited to a full on make-up look than something natural! I think these would great with a dark smokey eye, as whispy lashes can often look a bit insignificant with dark make-up. The heavier style makes these best suited to big eyes, as they could look quite over bearing on small eyes (like mine, eep!)

Bargain Primark False Lashes Falsies Review

Sultry are somewhat whispy and add drama without looking too drag queen. If you have naturally long lashes, you might be able to get these to work for more neutral looks, but generally I think something a little heavier would balance these more. 

They all come with a little tube of adhesive, great for quick fixes when you're out on the town. The bands on each are flexible and slim, making them super easy to apply. All in all, some great bargain lashes at £1 each!

Do you buy Primark falsies? Have you tried anything else in their beauty range? Let me know! Comments up top!

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